Friday, March 6, 2009

Holy Peacocks Batman

Thursdays are like a marathon day for me, I work all day and then I teach lessons all evening. So I pull up to one of the houses I teach at out in Riverton and I do a double take...there are definitely peacocks walking around on the side walk. Now once I truly confirmed with myself that I wasn't hallucinating I started to wonder if they were dangerous. You see my lesson was about to start so I needed to get out of the car, but what if they are man-eating peacocks? I don't know anything about the birds. Do they ever have a wild side? If I pretend I can't see them will they pretend to not see me? Should I wait this out in the car? Does it hurt to be pecked to death?

Eventually I got out of the car and went with the I can't see you, you can't see me method. I tell you what getting a guitar out of the car with my eyes closed not easy! Good news though, it worked. I survived to tell the story.

I make it into the safe house and ask my student about the ginormous birds, apparently someone thought it would be idea to have them as pets. Go figure. About half way through the lesson the birds decided to cross the street. You wouldn't believe the chicken crossing the road jokes that went through my head. Then all of the sudden these young boys start charging the monsters and guess what...Peacocks can fly! DANG! Apparently the birds belonged to the boys who were doing the chasing but honestly didn't they realize they would fly up to the roof if they charged them? It didn't seem like the smartest corralling method. I laughed out loud about it, then apologized to my student for paying more attention to the birds then the music.

Here is what I learned from this little experience...

1. I know very little, if anything about birds, but particularly about peacocks.

2. Nature played a mean trick on women. The Boy peacock was so much pretty then the girls and it made me realize human men (as opposed to peacock men since that makes so much sense) have smaller non expanding hips, higher metabolism, and don't have to worry about make-up and leg shaves. I would take the pretty feathers (or skinny hips) any day!

3. Nature played an even meaner trick on men. The boy peacock was the first one caught and put back in its pen. Not to smart if you ask me. The smart female flew up to the roof and stayed there until all the other birds were safely put away then she took her time and eventually walked herself right in to the pen when she wanted to be in it.

4. I would rather be smart then pretty.


Josh and Anna said...

Being the peacock expert that I am, I have to say the girl peacock really did get the short end of the stick in the looks category. They are however, very smart! Have no fear though, they are pretty harmless and skiddish. If you walk up to them, they should walk away. They do poop... a lot! And it's very gross...especially if you don't see it and step right in it...eww! So if you do decide to get one as a pet, watch out for the poop factor! Now turkey's on the other hand, watch out for them! They are mean little buggers! The funny thing is about your peacock post is that right now I can see 2 peacocks, 3 geese, a turkey (and a few camels) from my office window. I'm not even making that up, right now, 2 peacocks, right outside my window. Small world:)So I felt inspired to leave this really long comment on your blog. Anyway, that's all I have to say about birds right now:)

Suey said...

Hahaha! I love it! There it is from someone who knows!! Thanks Anna! I will try to never get the desire to own a bird of any variety!

Kelsi said...

Hi Sue, I got to you site from Allyson's. I hope you don't mind. You are so funny. I'd feel the same way if I saw peacocks in someones yard. Honestly, I've done the "if you don't see me, then I don't see you" approach several times. -- kelsi