Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy October

In honor of the month that give us the only holiday...or one of the few holidays where I can dress up and feel confident with my decision to act like a child, that brings the warmth of hot chocolate back to our lips...unless you drink it all year round (mmm...yummy!), and reminds us why we planted pumpkins in the garden even though they took over EVERYTHING I have a video to share.

Video compliments of these two darlings. Thanks chicas! I am glad to see the self made mullet has grown out some since this picture was taken on the first day of school. Don't worry though, they haven't grown into those backpacks quite yet.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Utah State Fair!

I love the state fair! It is pure entertainment. You get to take all sorts of cool pictures like these:

Then there is the food:
A bit of real BBQ

The Fried goodness a snickers bar in fact:

Then there are the animals. I am not a huge animal person but when it comes to the state fair I get super excited about them.
If any one knows why the sheep are wearing coats I would like to know!

The piglets kept fighting or playing who knows whay they were doing.

And then there are the cows and they only ever show their best side.

Of course the section with the dressed up squash is always a favorite as well. Lets face it is you are going to dress up a veggie it might as well be a squash

Or a Gourd
Or maybe a Potato

Then of course what would the state fair be with out some really men dressed in costume

Who doesn't want to be a robot? (his line was WAY too long to wait in so I took a picture of him with this guy.)

Here is the one that concerns me...for some reason this guy had no line and let me take like 5 pictures of him shifting with the light.

That's right folks he is dressed up as a bottle of shampoo. Wow. Definately a confident person under there!

Well there you have it. That is the state fair in a nut shell. I realize this is a month late but better later then never.

Oh p.s. did I mention that I saw Boyz II Men? hmm...must of slipped my mind. I wouldn't want any of you to judge me after all.