Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dog jumped over the moon

My Dad had a dream about our dog last night.

Ferocious beast, I know.

Let me tell you about my dog; he is annoying. He is really fury and his favorite pass time is barking at people. When MY SISTERS brought him home we decided he needed a big, strong, and powerful name. You see he was so little and we didn't want him to have a complex so we gave him a big name. Many were discussed including Star Trek characters (we once had a cat named Oboe, oh wait or Odo I guess it the right name. That's not what I called the poor cat.), tons of names from Lord of the Rings, a few from Harry Potter, but we finally settled on the Greek God Hercules (Thank Heavens we didn't go for Zeus! Just thing of the power complex my dog would have then!) It is my theory that Herc (his nick name because those are required in our household) took his name to heart and head and he truly believes he is a big dog. That explained, yes my dog is mentally ill, but lets face it we all are.

Wow I get easily side tracked! Back to the dream. Oh more thing you need to know, Herc doesn't really do downstairs. He will go upstairs, but not down. I think he is scared of the basement. He hasn't even seen Silence of the Lambs or the Burbs! He must have a 6th sense about it.

(Please note he is chewing the plastic, not the actual toy.)

So my Dad had a dream that Herc ran down into the basement. He went down after him and picked him up and notice a wet spot on the carpet so he rubbed the dream Herc's nose in it (doggie toilet training technique apparently). As he was standing back up to walk Herc upstairs he saw another Herc looking dog run out from behind the couch, then another behind the furnace, and yet another from the toy room. Needless to say the Hercs were multiplying before his eyes. He assumed his kids had been bringing home all the stray Hercs they could find because they felt bad for the poor rascals and the egos that caused them to have no friends and family. Needless to say he woke up about this point and recounted the story after we read the scriptures as a family. I pointed out that none of his children are really into hoarding dogs but he on occasion had problems with forgetting he already got something and the Hercs could have been the result of such a mental blockade. Lucky for all of us it was just a dream. There aren't any extra Hercs hiding out in my house.

On a happier dream note, for the first time ever I remember my dream having a resolution!! I don't remember much about it but it ended with me sending some piano students out the front door and me saying goodbye with my best Donna Reed voice. The door closed scene fades to black and the alarm goes off. It was a beautiful moment at 5:15 this morning!

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Kim said...

Dreams are always more satisfying when they have a resolution. Your dad's dream was funny, glad you hear you don't hoard dogs....anymore.