Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bring on the Madness!!

I don't get March Madness. I don't follow college basketball not even the Mountain West. I thought I should state that upfront just in case there is any questions at the end of this. That warning out of the way, I filled out 6 brackets this year. That's right I said 6. You may be asking WHY, my rebuttal to you is WHY NOT??

I have a history of running with the crazies in my life. I am not sure why, but I hope to analyze and come up with an answer by the end of this blog. Let's start with a few scenarios.

1. Black Friday
I hate shopping. Most people know that about me. Unless it is shoe shopping I am usually not too excited about doing it. Tack on more than one hour to the want to go shopping offer and I run away. For some reason though I tend to be the front runner in the family these days for Black Friday shopping. I scout out the adds, make maps of stores and meeting points, and create a time schedule so we can hit a new store every hour. Madness Yes. Success Rate? HIGH!

2. No Deal
I have always had a desire to be on a game show. I don't watch a lot of game shows but I honestly think I could win an additional prize for having the best reaction to winning a prize. Let me win some dishes, free groceries, a new car, etc. Any thing coupled with the words free or win I get pretty stoked about. So when I hear there is an open casting call for Deal or No Deal I pull out all my best moves! I buy some dinner to go, grab a blanket and a camping chair, and sit in a parking lot all night. About 2 in the morning I thought nothing really comes of open casting calls like this, but I didn't budge. I needed to thrive off the opportunity to show the friendly casting folk the only GAME SHOW CONTESTANT SUE HARDY and what I had to offer them. I almost even whipped out a marketing proposal. How does this story end? They said NO DEAL!

3. Did someone say FREE?
You wouldn't think a person could have more then one sleep in a parking lot story, but I do. You see I was a young college student and the Olympics were coming to Salt Lake City. Tickets for the Medals ceremonies were being offered for FREE! Not only do you get to see the medals awarded there was a comedian and a concert each night as well!! So I joined the rage. I nearly froze to death that night, in fact that was one of the coldest winters in my memory. I barely made the cut, but got tickets to two different shows. Macy Gray- eh, Train- YES!

4. Midnight Release
Who started midnight release parties? Don't they know that I crave this type of crazy? (Excuse the typo, I meant craze. Crave this type of Craze.) I have dressed up for midnight movies, I have been to TONS of book releases at the beautiful hour and now tonight will be my first midnight video release. WHY??? Why can't I just go the next morning? There will still be copies in stock. Its not like I am going to rush home and watch it. But, No that isn't good enough for me. I have to be where the madness is! There are so many memorable midnight release memories, but the fondest coming to the brain right now was Harry Potter 7 after which my brother and I stayed up ALL NIGHT and finished in apx. 10-12 hours. I won $150 for doing it! Worth it? YES! Took a nap after I finished YES! Had anyone to talk to about the book for days? NO!

5. 4 Day Concert in Colorful Colorado
I didn't really enjoy my last year of choir in high school so I decided that instead of going on an organized tour with the sane people I jumped ship and headed to Country Jam USA. I had no idea at the time but it is like the Woodstock for Country Music. I think for most people it was a really good excuse to be drunk for four days straight, I thought people went for the music. I also didn't realize it came with so many drunk people. I never knew there were so many friendly drunk people out there either, in fact there was an old man and woman who though I was their child. The MAJOR sunburn should have been expected, but I wasn't a good planner back then and learning to have amazing control over bodily functions became a great benefit. The beauty of the madness though, we actually did enjoy the music and got GREAT seats everyday because we didn't have hang overs. If my parents had known about all the madness they probably would have never let me go!

Needless to say, Madness is my middle name. Why? WHY NOT?? Is it always worth it? Not always in a hard core evidence, but no one can ever accuse me of not making the most out of what this world has handed me. Plus if you live to tell there are amazing stories in the end.

So far today the amazing story is that ONE of my SIX basketball brackets is WINNING! Does anyone else smell this sweet success?


PS I just got home from buying Twilight at midnight. BOUYA!


Jill_ums said...

You're MAD, Sue! P.S. I love Black Friday Shopping too!! :)

Josh and Anna said...

Oh...sleeping in the car for Olympics tickets...good times...good times:)

Kim said...

Girl, your craziness inspires me on so many levels. Love the pic of you...the epitome of Sue.

I had no one to go with at midnight, so alas I waited until the morning, next time, text me.