Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Diet Coke Experiment

So it happened today at work. A challenge was presented and accepted then carried out stopping the consumption of diet coke in one woman for 45 minutes. Here is the story from my eyes, as a completely, or almost completely innocent bystander.

Coworker #1- "I am ready for a diet coke."

Innocent Bystander (AKA-me)- (looks at the clock) Yeah it is that time for you (10am is the ideal for the morning fix)

Coworker #2- "Seriously? Is it really clock work? I think you should wait until at least 11."

Thus the challenge was presented.

Coworker #1 "I can't do that! I NEED my caffeine fix. It is my vise."

Coworker #2 "You are addicted, you need a break. Just go until 11"

The Challenge is presented again.

Coworker #1 "I know I am addicted it is like my coffee. It is diet Coke time!"

Coworker #2 "I am just helping you do what your Dr. told you too, its only an hour!" (Stemmed from earlier conversation about Dr. telling Coworker #1 to cut back on diet coke. "Just Try it!"

After the 3rd presentation of the challenge it is accepted with silence and a little laughter from the innocent bystander.

15 minutes later...

Coworker #1 "I am going to die" (Leg Shaking uncontrollably)

Coworker #2 "You are doing Great"

Innocent Bystander thinks "Why are we doing this again?" as the awkward silence pursues.

15 more minutes later

Coworker #3 enters and tried to talk to coworker #1 to no avail. Finds out about the challenge and makes a funny about there being no diet coke left in the vending machine.

Coworker #2 "Run before you get punched"

Coworker #1 Almost punches coworker #3 and tells him he is about to fall below the yellow line. Don't mess with her right now. Verifies the vending machine really still contains diet coke. (Which is did, don't worry, this isn't a horror story nor a bad nightmare)

15 more minutes later again

Coworker #1 decides 45 minutes is close enough to an hour. Enters the lunchroom while Coworker #2 and Innocent Bystander listen closely... Pop

Coworker #1 "AWE, Sweet Nectar"

Innocent Bystander laughs, mostly grateful that the awkward silence is gone!

Coworker #2 "Good work, tomorrow we will aim for the full 60 minutes.

You know I used quotations to tell this whole story and yet I am pretty sure I may have gotten some of the word for word wrong so don't quote me on it. I did get this next bit word for word though... Coworker #1's advise to you and the final words of the conversation, "Don't quit cold turkey it isn't worth it"

I am guessing when she reads this she will once again vouch that life with out diet coke is life with out living.

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