Friday, December 5, 2008

Party planner 2008

I really like giving myself titles. This year my title shall officially be the party planner of 2008. Now I can't take all the credit there have been a lot of helpers and we have done a GREAT job at throwing uniquely themed parties. I am going to do my best to recount them. Oh and for an added bonus I will be attaching pictures!! Oh and if you read this and know of one I have missed let me know!! Oh and...just kidding no more Oh ands!!

White Winter Party- What better place to have a white party then in Logan where there is always snow! We ate all white food consisting of White chili, marshmallows, White Oreo truffles, etc. We watched white Christmas and played games well past the Sue 10pm melt down. In fact we went to bed about then, wait not until 2ish when I was well into my melt down. In the morning we had a fantastic FULL COOLER breakfast thanks to #1UTE! She made sure we were well fed!

Twilight Party X2- Now you may be wondering is it possible that these people really had 2 twilight parties? Answer is YES! The first one was for the 4th book release! Breaking dawn night was quite a success. The Barnes and Noble was packed and afterwards we went back to my house for some speculation and treats! Poor brother of mine was the only boy who stuck out B and N with the girls! My sis made a special Breaking Dawn Cake in honor of the event. The picture below shows the people who made it the whole night.

As for party number 2 it was the Twilight Queens birthday and how better to celebrate then with a Twilight party!! All of the food was black, red, and white! It was impressive to see what people brought. My personal favorite was the tomato mozzarella and balsamic vinegar dish. What Twilight party would be complete without a black, white and red cake. We provided fangs for everyone (even though they are not typical in the books). We had people make Vampire capes and do Bag Skits. It was very entertaining. No blog would be complete with out a picture of the hostess.

Mystery Night- Now, up front confession I didn't plan this party, but I was included. We played a few varieties of clue including a debut of clue DVD!! I highly recommend that game. For food we had sloppy joes (not sure what the mystery is other then it is a mystery to me what is in sloppy joes!), surprise cookies (I made these! Yum!), and mystery airheads! I must admit too I am not sure what the movie we watched was called.

Graduation Party- The best fun of this was making the participants wear crowns. We celebrated 3 graduations and 1 welcome home! Please note in the picture, geocasher is wearing his do rag like a bonnet.

Hat Party- This one just kind of happened because of my passion for hats. Don't worry I have a single picture of myself in each of these hats!! In Fact it is sad to admit but I am pretty sure the hat party was just a Sue party. At least I shared long enough to take a picture. Yes there is a pot on one persons head.

08-08-08- What a great day to be born!! We had 8 food dips and activities based in triples, 8's, or multiples of 8. It was great. Since it was Devo's birthday evening we let him pick the movie, so we watched Fletch in the homemade out door theater!!

Gilmore Night- This could also be known as the triple birthday. We made newspaper hats (the best was when one caught on fire in a citronella candle!). We also built snowmen with treats! Marshmallows being the main bodies. We watched some Gilmore on our outdoor screen while we ate some quality Emily Gilmore pastries. I am very proud of myself and my sis for making them!! Petit Fours are now our specialty! The picture shows our newspaper hats, and my party planning crown.

Same Day, Same Year, and Same Profession Party- This was also a dual birthday party. The geocasher and bomb have the EXACT same birth and the same profession. The real joy of this party was that we kept it a secret and planted lots of false trails up to the actual event. We had pictionary with only number pictures and watch 13 going on 30. We ate pie for obvious reasons!
The picture below show the winners of the guess how many games (yes we really counted all of those containers. The nerds were the worst.)

Is it sad that all of our parties revolve around food???


Allyson said...

You win MY award for best party planner of the year. But good heck, why haven't we planned our stellar Christmas party YET?! We've got to get on that.

Matthew said...

I would have to agree with Allyson! You are the best party planner around!