Thursday, October 23, 2008

I only I had paid better attention...

You know it is funny this blog should come right after my white board blog. You will see why momentarily. A few quick notes going into this...1. It is okay to laugh at me, I laugh at me all the time and laughing is always more fun when it includes others. 2. If you set some mood music in the back ground while reading this it will be almost like you were there. Think car radio- I would suggest something classic rock or boy band examples- Hot Blooded by Foreigner or Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp, I Want it That Way by the Backside I mean Backstreet boys (a little Gilmore humor for you there) or Bye Bye Bye by Nsync. In fact that last one might be the most fitting for the story. Regardless turn on your radio and hold on tight.

So I walk out the door, clean the leaves off my car, find a good tune, buckle up, and pull out of the drive way. Pretty normal routine going here. I knew I had needed to stop at the gas station for a fill up because well I had run my car down to nothing the night before and the RWAE(refill without any effort) flying grease monkeys forget to stop by my house (I will talk to them later about that!) So I pull out of my neighborhood a different way then normal knowing I had to add to my morning drive to work routine. So I turn out and I pullup to the left turn arrow, second car in line, SCORE! I glance to my left into the first gas station (the one not good enough for me) and I notice there a TONS of cars there. Then these two cars pull in at the exact same time and head to the same place, and they proceed to dance! It was hilarious they would reverse at the same time then pull forward at the same time. I was enjoying the show. Finally Johny Oldsmobile decided to find a new path to his destination and the show was over. Luckily I looked up in just enough time to see my turn arrow turn red again. Well now I just feel foolish and all the people around me are laughing and pointing and I start screaming at them to invest in a white board and then they think I am really crazy so they laugh harder. So I pull up (First car in line now Super SCORE no way to miss the light in the first car spot! I just learned it is possible to miss as the second car in line) and vow I will pay close attention. I will not miss the next light.

So I wait and I wait and sing and wait until finally I watch as the pedestrian timer starts counting. I realize that all the bozos blocking the intersection are going to spoil my second green arrow for the day! (At least it wasn't my fault this time.) So my light turns green and I am blocked in. I thought frantically of things I could do to get around them but was coming up with nothing finally I tried something, "GO GO GADGET LEGS" I yell and nothing happens. I swear it works for everyone in the movies, maybe I am not nerdy enough. Finally the last car clears and I go to gun it only to remember that the straggler left turners from the previous light had also been held back by the rude driver barricade. So I wait patiently and then gun it and start making squealing noises (with my mouth not my car) just so I don't feel so stupid and half way through my light turns yellow. WHEW! I made it, no one else did but I did! What a morning, now what was I doing? Oh yes pumping gas. Darn those imaginary RWAE flying grease monkeys for not being real! Moral of the story- When you pay attention to things you miss out on FUNNIER things. Enjoy the funny things in life people.


Anna said...

Hooray I get to be first to leave a comment! I had to laugh when I read your blog. "GO GO GADGET LEGS" works for me every time. ;)

Allyson said...

Ha ha! You crack me up! What a crazy morning for all of that to happen BEFORE the day really began. And I don't know why getting gas is such a chore, but it seriously is!