Thursday, December 25, 2008

The best things in life....

Are definitely accessories! Those of you who know me probably know that I HATE the cold almost passionately, but I LOVE the snow! I want snow on every major holiday, Birthday included! I realize that is crazy coming from someone who hates cold. I have reasons though. Winter time and Snow (NOT COLD! ICK!) bring out the best accessories! Here they are, my favorite cold weather accessories


Most of the year I don't wear them, but when it is winter time I pull out ALL the stops. Granted some of these have gotten me into a bit of trouble from time to time.

These bad boys aided in the great shoulder injury of 2008. Granted the cause is still undetermined though dancing into the kitchen may have plays a role. Good thing there were a thousand witnesses to this prize Sue moment.

Some socks embarrass me (not really a hard thing to do)

No one told me that wearing red and black monkey socks to a professional work place wasn't super professional. Nor did any one mention I probably should have given up the ankle revealing black pants before pulling out the red/black striped monkey socks. Oh the memories I could have prevented by consulting a fashion specialist. It will take years of therapy to heal these wounds.

Some socks make me laugh, Really quite hard at times.

I know you can't hear them, but the frogs squeak. HAHAHA they ROCK! Wear these suckers around for 10 minutes and you will be smiling!

Then there are socks I wear for the benefit of my toes. Toes really are very useful things they help with balance and I am sure they once made a great chew toy for you when you were an infant and yet they get very little excitement out of life these days. They are shoved inside stinky (not always but sometimes- admit it!), dark, and enclosed places called shoes. Let them breathe and have their own space!

That's right! Wiggle those puppies around! That feels great!

Seasonal socks make me smile as well. I only have Halloween (tragically not pictured), Christmas, and Valentines day seasonal socks though. Do they make them for other holidays? Presidents day? Martin Luther King day?

Now this may seem odd (honestly what about this blog with pictures of my feet isn't off), but there are definitely socks that are comfort socks for me. Some people have comfort foods, blankets, stuff animals, TV shows, etc., I have socks. Generally they are fuzzy/hairy, soft, and are super warm!! Oh and the more colorful they are the more comforting they become!

There are other socks that are also great comfort socks...I call them slipper socks. Much more conservative then my hairy monsters above.

Classic and conservative socks are the ones that most people see me wear; these days especially (remember the striped monkey socks). They deserve a lot of credit for helping me to appear normal when I am out in public.

Thanks for the facade boys! (Side note-the far right pair is my favorite pair of socks!)

Finally the wayside collection that I never wear, or only wear when I have no other clean socks.

The ones you should really feel bad for are the ones not pictured above. I didn't even dare let them out of the drawer!

For an extra benefit for reading the coolest blog ever- The Official Monkey Sock Collection

Huh this is the first time I have ever noticed that I have tons of Frog and Monkey socks. Why in the world can't I grow out of them?? Oh well just don't mock my coolness and we can still be friends.


Holy cow who in the world is honestly that long winded about socks when there are Hats to show off? Crazy Banjosuey! Oh wait, except the crazy part! So in order to get you all out of blog land before dark I will skip the details and pictures of the hats for now (They will probably get their own blog someday!). Just know I have an intense passion for Hats! So keep your hands on them if you want to keep me from trying them on!


Just kidding I am not really a fan, but Merry Christmas regardless!!


Josh and Anna said...

That's quite the collection, I'm impressed!

Jill_ums said...

Wow! I never knew you were such a sock-aholic. I like the monkey socks. In Taiwan, they have a sock brand called "Happy Monkey". I think you would like it. :)