Saturday, December 13, 2008

A few small observations...

So I was walking downtown Friday evening after the AWESOME Christmas Concert at the Conference Center! (Richard Gilmore I love you!!) and I noticed a few things. Here they are in order of observation with a little added commentary.

1. When a Man Loves a woman

I think Michael Bolton may have missed a line when singing this song. Last night I was walking behind a couple. I am really not sure what my eyes are thinking sometimes but all I could see was a big black handbag. Here is the funny thing, it was in the hands of a man. Granted that sparked my interest so I checked. Sure enough in his other hand he had a woman. Wow if that's not love what is? Word to the men, beware no matter how nice you are being, the person walking behind you is laughing their head off. Even though I was laughing it was a very loving gesture. Good work sir on making your wife happy last night!

2. Marque

I love the Melta Center...or what every eco friendly thing that arena is called these days. So they have a flashing marque that tells people of the upcoming events. At the end of its announcements it flashes two screens. The first says "We hope you had a great evening" Sue says back, "Why thank you for caring, what a thoughtful building you are!" Then the second thing the screen says is "Drive home Safely!!" Sue responds with "but I am not driving!" Then Sue thinks..."Wait a second he isn't even talking to me!! He is trying to distract one of those other people so that they will hit me or some other (possibly deserving, possible not) pedestrian." So I start doing the maniac dance and screaming, "don't pay attention to the marque! It is trying to distract you from being a good driver". Then I realize that it is a good thing this whole conversation is happening in my head because people would surely think me crazy and possibly a little distracting! Lesson learned don't read flashing marquees while driving even if the message is directed at you.

3. Beeping Crosswalks

I was once told that cross walks that beep were for blind people so that they could know when to cross the street. I am no fool though. I realize they are for those oblivious idiots who are so stuck in their own worlds: on their cell phone, reading while walking (not a super safe activity when it is crowded down town), or starry eyed gazing. What ever the cause there are some oblivious people who get beeped at (compliments of the intersection) that they best start walking. So maybe I am wrong but honestly if they were made for blind people how do you know really when it is you turn to cross? Are the beeps different for the North to Souths and East to Wests? Maybe I am the ignorant fool. Hmmm...I am going to go stand on a corner until I figure it out.

4. Bigger Trees Smaller lights

When I was a kid the lights at temple square were MAGIC! There was nothing I loved more, but it is funny as I have gotten older I have realized I hate the cold more then I love the lights. But I did observe this year the the Mega Granddaddy trees in the middle of temple square didn't have any lights. It made me wonder if when a tree reaches a certain age it has a light retirement. Are all the other trees staring in jealous awe at the amazingly past and history of the granddaddy tree's lighted years hoping they can some day reach the point of light retirement. While the tree itself is crying inside for having no purpose this time of year anymore. My opinion is just because the tree got a little bigger that is no reason to discriminate against him. Give him some lights and a purpose! Even it is just a single strange that can only make it a fourth of the way up the trunk. Bring back some magic and light into that poor trees life. (Why have I digressed to feeling pity for trees? Maybe I should discuss this with my therapist.)

So there they are my minor observations. Oh did I mention the Christmas concert was PHENOMENAL??? Richard Gilmore I really do love you! You tale was EPIC! Don't worry all of you who missed it they are making a PBS special out of it!

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Allyson said...

I love you SUE! This made me laugh so hard. And I can only think of the time we helped put the lights up on temple square for a sorority activity and then I went to see the lights and the bush I lit was the only one not working. TRAGEDY!