Sunday, October 19, 2008

If I only had a white board...

I need to get into a better blog writing rhythm, but special from this weekend and for your blog reading pleasures I present If I only had a white board.

The white board theory was actually developed a while ago. It has improved over the years though. You see I would very much so like to use a white board in the car while driving. Let me present some scenarios

1. Have you ever been getting on the freeway and glanced at the exit across the way and it is backed up to the the next week. I look at all of the cars sitting there just waiting and I think it is time to pull out my white board and as I cruise pass, not in traffic my white board message reads- RECONSIDER YOUR DECISION!

2. Do you ever see people dancing or singing overly expressively in the car? These people are my bosom buddies. I try and restrict my dancing and belting for the night time hours when no one can see my, but there are times when something comes on and I just loose control. I come to about the second verse but usually not until after my "favorite part" that I realize that I probably shouldn't be spazzing out at a stop light. My message to these people myself included is- DO THAT IN FRONT OF A MIRROR BEFORE YOU DO IT IN YOUR CAR!

3. My personal favorite is two lane highways. First you must know I am an avid cruise control user. My speed is fairly consistent I like to set my speed and just cruise. So either cruise control is very unreliable or else there are some people who really like going fast AND slow while on long drives. So there is generally one car per long drive that becomes my nemesis. I (using my cruise control) will pass some car, any car, today a silver Hundi and will continue on my way. The problem occurs when that person then passes me 5 minutes later. So I accept it and let them on their way, but I haven't changed my speed and then after a few minutes I have caught back up to them therefore creating the need to pass them again. We go about this process generally throughout the whole trip. White board message to the fast and slowers- CRUISE CONTROL FOLKS!

Too bad driver distractions are greatly frowned upon in the state of Utah! I would probably buy a white board tomorrow if I could get away with it! Oh wait and I probably shouldn't be writing on a white board while driving.
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I have one more message for all you people who have read this blog. White board message to you- GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE! oh and THANKS FOR READING MY SOAP BOX!

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Allyson said...

I Love it! Such a great idea! And your examples were perfect, I have thought those things many times myself. If only people were as smart as we are. :)