Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you can only get 4...

Harmons was having their case lot sale. If there is some thing I love in this world it is a good deal. I went 3 times to the case lot sale! How can you pass up such great deals? Lets face it who doesn't need food storage. Granted by the time you make the last trip to the case lot sale you know you are bound to run smack dab into adventure.

Our adventure begins with a coupon, the Buy 3 get one free soda deal. Yes it is a splurge, but it is a fun splurge and it produced enough humor to make the full 30 minutes on the soda aisle worth it.

Here is the cast:

This is our soda lifter. We were a little in decisive for him. This was his general position and he was constantly asking which one am I grabbing?

This is our Laugher, humor alone was her mission.

The indecisive buyers

Oh and me too, also a buyer.

The events-

Who can fill the shopping cart the fastest...We don't know it got to full and heavy.

The "Sunkist"- Mission, not a success the lifter kept moving.

Good thing someone was smart and grabbed a camera after 20 minutes on the soda aisle. Who is honestly that smart? Oh!

Good times, Good Memories, and Great Deals. Don't worry eventually I moved on to the quaker Sale. A box of cereal for a dollar is something you don't pass up! For future use, please note that cereal does fit nicely on the top of a cart full of boxes of soda

Oh and our lifter...he found the toys.

Never fear...the laugher didn't miss a beat the entire night!

Thanks for the adventures friends...until next time, don't forget your coupons, they don't give them to every one (say that last phrase as a pick up line and this blog will end a lot funnier for you)

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Josh and Anna said...

Good ole' Harmons! It's amazing after all these years, adventure still awaits at your local Harmons! Oh, and good work on scoring great deals, isn't that the best feeling ever?