Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day in the life of Bob the Accountant

Meet Bob

Bob is an accountant. He was inspired by the other tax accountants in my life. Here is he is at the computer.

He lived like a normal man

He cooked some breakfast

And then ate it

He drove to work


Then he would pack up and come home

In Fact he would drive home, much like he drove to work, but in a different direction.

He would enjoy an afternoon snack

And Answer the calls of nature

Oh sorry Bob, excuse me.

He was environmentally friendly, in fact he was thinking about going green

And he loved himself a good book

Bob always valued the importance of a good workout

Bob is also a great appreciator of music

At night he cozies up in his monkey blanket with his remote

Weekends were a real treat in Bob's world

Hiking was a passion

Fishing, or at least dreaming of fishing

Gardening the necessity

He loved games, and especially loved playing with the kids, even when they looked at him with disdain and loathing.

The struggle of Bob's life occurred every time the beginning of the year came around. Tax season is a beast. The kind of beast that causes those horror flick shrieking noises...EEK EEK EEK. Then came April 15th though. Bob felt so much relief he jumped for joy. Tragically, he jumped so high he head came into contact with a bat and his guts came flying out. Bob really was made of money because in fact he was a pinata stuffed full of gold coins. He will be missed. Don't worry though I saved his face as a memory.

There will always be this memory of Bob, the tax accountant pinata. You truly lived.


Jill_ums said...

Ha, ha! Sue, you are amazing! I loved it!!! Poor Bob. At least you got something out of him, eh?

Josh and Anna said...

Very cute! My favorite part was the disdain and loathing:)